4 Oct 2009

Powerful pumpkin

My thoughts behind adding this message are based on the information regards the powerful properties pumpkin contains. 
Thank you Choesf for your reply and more insight into this vegetable.
I hope you enjoy the pumpkin cake : )   


Susan said,

Thanks sooo much for sharing your cake recipe.
I had this tiny old second hand rice cooker and no oven. I really
had the urge to bake so started serching the net for inspiration.
Your choco cake was the first I stumbled on and I have been converted
ever since. So much so I went out and bought a brand new
rice cooker with sooo many funky functions.
Are you still experimenting with new recipes in your rice cooker?
I'm gonna try another of your recipes, the prune cake.
I have tried a few more and thought you might be interested in trying them out.
I have also set up a webstite. Feel free to have a nosey. :)

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    Hi there and welcome, dear Susan :D

    I'm glad my "rice cooker choco cake" post inspired you to get a multi-function rice cooker. :lol:

    No, I only baked a cake that one time in my rice cooker as I wanted to test it out. I had posted the other recipes here due to some requests. For those without an oven, this type of rice cookers would be good.

    Now, I want to try out that pumpkin cake recipe at your blog – I have never made a pumpkin cake before. It sounded so scrumptious and moist from your description. There are many health benefits of eating pumpkin :-

    1) it reduces the sensitivity of carcinogenic substances
    2) it prevents spread of cancerous cells
    3) it removes cholesterol
    4) it strengthens the kidneys and liver
    5) it enhances cell regeneration

    So, it was very good that you had chosen that month to cook as many pumpkin dishes as possible. I will be back there to check on those recipes. :wink:

    With best wishes,

    choesf :D

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