17 Oct 2009

Pea n' Sweet Potato Soup

This soup is an adaption from Jamie Oliver's 20 min recipes iPod application.   Quite a funky little application actually, with vids and pics and tips.  Some nice recipes and this is the first one I tried out.
The problem with western cooking when living in Japan is the severe lack of ingredients, so for this wee dish I had to make a few adjustments.
Here are the results.


250 g   frozen peas
1 large sweet potato
1 small onion
0.5L  vegetable stock (Miso paste and 2 sachets of Konbu Dashi)
1 stick celery
150 g pureed silken tofu
6 tsp  cottage cheese (or feta cheese preferably)
drizzle olive oil


1. Set and start your rice cooker to quick cook.
2. Add a splash of olive oil and leave to heat up.
3. Meanwhile peel and chop the onion.  Trim and chop the celery stick.
4. Add to the rice cooker with a splash of water and allow to cook until the onion and celery become soft.
When a little soft add the stock and grated potato. Bring to a simmer.
5. Add the peas, stir ingredients together close the rice cooker lid and set to porridge setting and leave to cook until the timer sounds.
6. When cooked stir in the pureed tofu.
7. Serve in warm bowls and garnish with the cheese and sprinkle with cracked pepper and salt.

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