16 Sep 2009

Energising tofu breakfast smoothie

I know this recipe isn't one for the rice cooker, but it had to be posted because i love it so much!   
Not only that, since tofu is my ingredient of the month I really wanted to demonstrate
another yummy way to use it.   

You may be a little or a lot hesitant  about trying this one, but believe me you will be impressed with the results. 
This particular recipe was inspired from one of my dads creations.  I had never thought about using oatmeal in smoothies before or tofu actually.  I was bored with my usual cornflakes in the morning , so I gave this smoothie a go and again to my surprise it worked out great.
Next time though I may skip the macha and banana and use melon and strawberries instead.
Not because the macha and banana aren't delicious, but because it's good to mix things
up a bit and try out new ideas.  
If you can think of any other tasty combinations of fruit please leave a comment.  I want to 
stay clear of any carton juices as I feel they contain too much sugar.


2 medium size glasses
400g (1 tub, drained) silken tofu
1 tbsp honey
2 medium size bananas
2 tsp Japanese green tea powder (Macha)
6 tbsp rolled oats
2 cups water

Simply, put all ingredients into the blender and pulse to break the mixture down then blend until smooth.
If you feel this is too thick, just add more water.
This drink is a perfect start to your day.  Filled with goodness, protein and dietary fiber giving you a slow release of energy to stave off hunger and keep you energised until lunch.
I usually make this the night before and keep in the fridge over night.
I really love the taste of macha however it's difficult to find back home in the UK.  You may find it in some Asian supermarkets, if not you can order it online or if you ask nicely I'll send you some.  We could do a recipe swap...:)
If there's one thing I'd want to continue to consume for the rest of my life, it's green tea. It really is one of natures wonder drugs!
The macha does have a really distinct flavor, so it may take a little to get used to it.  Once you read about it's powerful benefits, you will quickly fall in love with it.
Also, if you ever come across it.  Try macha ice cream!! you may just enter heaven for a few minutes. 


Oh my gosh!! You have to try this one!! 
Substitute the macha power for:

1.5 tsp ground cinnamon
1 tsp nutmeg
put a little ice in the blender too :)

+ for the naughty chocolate lovers in the house add 1 tsp of coco powder...mmmmm......

1 comment:

AndyW said...

My turn to make some breakie. So now its time to try and replicate Suzies delicious smoothie.
I have to say that I was a little apprehensive to drink this at first as it looks a little slimey and the macha colouring gives is a toxic tinge. However It was a success and Im so glad I tried it. There is no going back. Im still amazed that Im drinking tofu and that it is delicious and a healthy start to the day.
Please take the plunge and try it.
Again, Suzies directions are Andy friendly and it was very easy to make.

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