28 Nov 2009

Beautiful November!

What a beautiful weekend it has been. Nothing but Chilling, making funky knit Jewellery, studying Japanese and practising Yoga in the beautiful autumn sun. This week has been a strange one. 10 degrees one minute and 24 the next. Keep it up Mr sunshine! However, I have the feeling today was the last we have seen of its beauty.
As I mentioned in my last post, yoga everyday... So far so good.

Today I decided to take my new yoga mat to this beautiful spot which was introduced to me by a good friend who once lived here in Konan City, Kochi (thanks Jules). It has been a while since my last visit, but luckily today the sun was at its best for me to salute it with a dose of A & B (sun salutation, Astanga series). Just to prove how amazing this spot is for doing yoga, here is a short video Andy took.

Suryanamaskara B x 5

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